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Our firm has offered a fixed fee tenant eviction service for 10 years now. Call today for a free quotation.

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Our solicitors have many years of combined experience in helping landlords with their tenancy agreements.

Landlord Fixed Fee Services

We offer fixed fee services for landlords. This allows landlords to budget for their legal work and not worry about nasty surprises.

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Chris Bartlett is commercial property solicitor offering a nationwide service. He helps commercial property landlords.

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Call our tenant eviction solicitors for advice on any defence or counter-claim that your court proceedings have experienced.

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Court directions can be confusing and costly to comply with. Our landlord and tenant solicitors offer a free consultation.

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Solicitors Resolving Disputes Between Landlords & Tenants showcases our fixed fee services for landlords. Our 'landlord solicitor' team are lawyers working for Bartletts Solicitors. The team has been offering a fixed fee tenant eviction service for over 10 years now. We were one of the 1st law firms to offer a fixed fee service for tenant evictions. Call for a no obligation quotation. Benefit from our experience at delivering results at the quoted fixed fees.

Case Study

A landlord's claim was struck out. The court order stated that the notice was invalid. Our landlord solicitor successfully appealed against the decision arguing that the notice was in fact valid. The landlord regained possession of his property without having to start the process again.

Case Study

A landlord was trying to obtain possession based on non payment of rent. At the last minute the tenant's legal representative requested that the hearing be adjourned to have time to file a counter claim. Our landlord solicitor assessed true value of tenant's claim and settled avoiding a costly trial. We regained possession via the accelerated possession route at a later date.

Case Study

A landlord had failed to obtain a possession order. The section 21 notice had been invalidated due to non-compliance with the deposit regulations. Our landlord solicitor ensured that this problem would not interfere on the second attempt at obtaining possession. Our client had acted upon incorrect information found on a free web page.

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